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It's a great time for suspect decisions. Listen in.

Each month of 2017 Year 5000 (Y5k) will send you, or a lucky someone you've signed up, a four-song mini-album. This will be all new, original material. No covers or previously released songs.

A premier subscription also includes a free-entrance pass to all Y5k live performances in 2017, of which there will be exactly none.

What to expect: Like most Y5k releases, expect a highly-edited slice of everything. Off-kilter rock, lo-fi pop, sound collage, alt-country, rants and raving, lullabies, a few sea shanties, dancing demons and maudlin angels. A big believer in brevity, almost all these well-plotted tracks should be less than three minutes long. I (Mat) am enlisting sonic help from some old co-conspirators and a few surprise new ones. It won't be boring.

Price: I've set the 12-month subscription rate at between $12 ($1 a month) and $60 ($5 a month). Both prices get the same 12 mini-albums (+ yet unrevealed bonus surprises). The $60 level gets VIP passes to the nonexistent live performances.

Listen and get involved. Write and say what you loved and loathed. I'm eager to hear from you. It's a great time for suspect decisions, make one now.

Most of all, thanks.

Inquiries, questions, and general ranting to:

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  • For $12/year, you get everything above.
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  • For $60/year, you get everything above, plus:
    VIP passes to ALL Year 5000 performances in 2017, of which there will be exactly zero.
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Year 5000
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Talismans for Gold Dusting Pyramids.

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