Fire Queen

by Year 5000

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All tracks recorded in Hong Kong in 2009/10, save "Yield Star," recorded in the U.S. Virgin Islands, 2006.


released August 3, 2010

Mat Probasco with Cassie Bradshaw on "Layover"



all rights reserved


Year 5000 New York, New York

Talismans for Gold Dusting Pyramids.

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Track Name: Scallions
The words you said in my ears still ring ...
Track Name: Scissors
Have your feet gotten too big for these streets?
Have your dreams gotten too much for my sheets?
Track Name: Stars
All the lights are out on the city tonight
I can see the stars like for the first time ...
Track Name: Layover
Lay across me baby
Stay over
don't even move when the morning comes ...
Track Name: Twinkling We
will you row with me seven miles out?
Into the darkened sea; the stars shine down ...
Track Name: Coffee Birds
Yellow, blue or green never mattered much to me,
it's the in-betweens where the colors meet,
that's where the magic happens.
Mailbox on the hill nearly tilted off its stilt,
but the coffee birds, yeah, they sleep there still.
That's where the magic happens.
Entropic everything
Excess makes the heart grow fonder.
and when you humm that song to me,
I can't help but think of chief'n gonja
Childhood never ends, always brings us back again,
but the guilty gifts make the best of friends,
that's where the magic happens.
the will to war retreats and I'm all balled up in my sheets,
smearing letters with my finger tips,
that's where the magic happens.
simply sitting here with you
you're difficult and true as you seem
freezing cold holding hands,
we plumbed this whole land
that's where the magic happens ...
Track Name: Golden Days
this is the end of our time
this is the end of our golden days
and I can't think of anything I'd like to leave behind
this is the end of our time.