Deeds of Trust

by Year 5000

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Rich Oberdorfer
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Rich Oberdorfer "Where No One Dines" was stark and beautiful. "Illusory Towers" somehow reminded me of Leonard Cohen, and therefore made me happy, and sad. But not too sad.


The FIRST of 12 monthly "Misadventures 2017" EPs.


released December 15, 2016



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Year 5000 New York, New York

Talismans for Gold Dusting Pyramids.

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Track Name: Radio and Mirror
Radio and mirror
Funny an abstraction could feel so intimate to me
The Disembodies reflects my body and mind
One looks like me and the other sounds like everything else
Could never be real but somehow it's the realist thing
So much realer, really realer than the realist thing

Not real
Like the landmarks on a map or the smiles on a photograph in a dream
Checking the clock against the lines of time in my face
Styles change, the weather shifts patters around me they say
Feels like forever now, forever and ever again ...
Track Name: Illusory Towers
Ditch my stuff by the side of the road
All my fiends were there
Rising lights in the sky say it's time to go
Anywhere, whisper anywhere.

Plastic saviors and cut paper angels
Devils wiggle rubber as we drive
Jiggle as we flee into the sky

Spread a metal wing
Somewhere up so high
Rise and rise again

Are the cloud shapes supposed to hold some meaning?
The pina gods were thrilled to find
Citric endeavors abound

And we rise again
Track Name: Where No One Dines
I was driving one night to the island
To find a corner where no one knew my eyes
The thunder rattled the lighting
Coffee in a place where no one dines

I can't even look at the page no more
The mirror blinking back is full of lies
When all my heroes are dead for sure
Another immortal lays down and dies

But I'm not so so surprised

Ever since the apple rolled
The Lady Beyond The Party simply smiles
Holding hands with fools She knows
Filling cups with discord pain and strife
Track Name: Under Friendlier Suns
Lying around
Under the clouds
That plaster the stars aglow
When I wake
I hope to be
Under friendlier suns

I don't know which symbols to choose
Or if I would in the off chance that I knew

Walking around
Unpeeling the town
Under friendlier suns
Wasting away
Without much to say
Under friendlier suns

I don't which idols to choose
The ones I like are all self abuse

Under friendlier suns ...