Sybarite Reflector

by Year 5000



released June 1, 2017

The lead vocal for Gruesome was performed by MikeMan and recorded in Portland, OR by Trevino Brings Plenty, who also assisted with mixing the song.
The lead vocal on Sea Queen features actress Ruthy Froch.



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Year 5000 New York, New York

Talismans for Gold Dusting Pyramids.

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Track Name: Gruesome
are you gruesome to behold?

Could branding irons and slaver's chains only bolster your foul image?

The bottom, the bottom
broken mirror, reflected visage

The bottom, at the bottom
of an ugly world

Hideous the issue you spew forth

Hideous the lineage that drew you forth

are you gruesome?)

Yes I am gruesome to behold
Track Name: Sea Queen
Cast your lines away
And sail into an ocean blue
Push your shores away
And drift into the empty blue

Opalescence of the scented sea
Opalescence of the scented sea

Oh to find the bottom
Clouded effigies
A sort of wisdom
Oh, to find the end
and the sun
Rising over

Cast your lines away
The Sea Queen's there
She waits for you
Track Name: Ataraxis (Twilight Above)
Bound to time
like a chain

Blue skies will come
for a good time
then go away again

My time will come
and so shall yours, my friend

Twilight above
twinkle through my hands
and onto the pavement